You’ve tried EVERYTHING and you’re still struggling.

I’ve been there.

 For over twenty years, I sought help from doctors, therapists, and support groups…

But my symptoms just got worse.

I started to believe I was broken.

The good news? I wasn’t broken, and neither are you!

With a holistic approach to treatment, I was able to discover and treat the underlying cause of my symptoms and heal.

I want to help you do the same.

Emily and son at the beach sunset


Every day was a struggle to manage my symptoms. The depression and anxiety were relentless! The fatigue and weight gain made my struggle so much worse– I was stuck trying the same interventions, over and over, even though they didn’t work!


With a holistic approach, I was able to identify the underlying imbalances in my physical body and HEAL. I wake up EVERYDAY with energy and stable moods. Changing my lifestyle and working with holistic practitioners has allowed me to live symptom-free for several years now – something I was told “couldn’t happen.”

Emily and son at the beach sunset

I offer one-on-one consultations for individuals looking to heal their mental health symptoms holistically.

Conventional treatment views mental health as disorders to be managed with medication and talk therapy. But oftentimes, symptoms are caused by real imbalances in the physical body (hormone imbalance, food intolerances, hypoglycemia, trauma, and the list goes on…).

Finding the right providers to diagnose these underlying causes + offer effective treatment can be challenging.

That’s where I can help.

Combining the education and skills I acquired as a conventionally trained Social Worker with my passion for Holistic Mental Health, I’m here to help you find the right resources to begin your healing journey…

Here are two ways we can work together:

Initial Consultation

The hardest part of healing was knowing where to begin, and it’s the reason I do this work. I’ve spent years researching holistic providers and treatments to be able to provide others the information + resources to start healing. I want to get to know you, your symptoms, and your goals. Then I can make recommendations and assist you in accessing holistic providers and treatments.

Lifestyle Coaching

Change is hard. And when you’re struggling it can be even harder. Together we will navigate the challenges of your journey, and work toward your goals. I believe self-care, mindfulness, and self-compassion are vital to the healing process. These principles are the foundation of my coaching practice.

Please Note: Initial Consultation is required prior to coaching.

My services are best for individuals who are:

Willing to invest their time and resources to HEAL.

Ready for change: Healing requires a commitment to live differently.

Understand healing is a journey: There are no quick fixes, and healing takes time.

Why would anyone commit to all this? Because it’s worth it to FINALLY feel good!

There’s a better path to mental wellness than we’ve been told…


And I’m here to help you on your journey.


If you feel lost and are wondering if you will always struggle,

let me be the one to tell you –

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You are not broken.

You can heal.


Are you ready?

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