There’s a better path to mental health. 

Let me help you find it.

Are you ready for…


A different approach to mental health treatment? 

One that helps you identify the REAL cause of your symptoms, shows you HOW to treat them, and gives you the SUPPORT to make it happen?

Traditional mental health treatment can leave you feeling broken, misunderstood and hopeless

But the TRUTH is – You are NOT broken. 

You just haven’t found the right solution.

If you’ve tried the traditional treatments and still struggle with your mental health – Welcome.


 This site is for you.


Hi, I’m Emily.

I spent over 20 years believing I would always struggle with depression and anxiety. After all, that’s what my doctors told me.

One day I realized it didn’t matter how many different medications I tried or how much talk therapy I showed up for – I wasn’t getting better.

In fact, my overall health was worse!

Desperate for help, I found a group of healing practitioners with a different approach. They figured out what was really causing my symptoms – and I got better!


Ready for a new approach?

Ongoing mental health struggles are exhausting…

And knowing where to get help can be overwhelming.

You don’t have to do this alone.

I know what it takes to recover and I am here to guide and support you on your healing journey.

There is a better path to mental health and I’d love to help you find it.

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